Make scanning easier and faster

Scan all types of documents: invoices, certificates, tank receipt,...

Make from scanning a pleasure


Automatic Data Capturing

Automatic invoice processing without the need of learning templates

OCR & IDR: 90% recognition !

Not 'Pay-per-invoice' model


Document Archiving & Document Management

Central repository of documents with their meta-data
Easily manage documents through advanced version-control
Fully in accordance with the law on legal filling



Streamline your company processes using automated workflows


Searching documents

Several advanced search options
Quickly and easily search and retrieve documents


Welcome at ADM Solutions

Who is ADM?

ADM Solutions is an IT development company that is specialized in the digitalization of the different paper flows, automatically processing of invoices and archiving of all kind of documents both papersand digital documents. Besides software we can also deliver hardware solutions, for an overall overview of our products visit the page: ‘our solutions’.

What we do?

ADM Solutions support the information and knowledge lifecycle in your organization. 

These solutions contain the following:

  • Scanning
  • OCR = Optical Character Recognition
  • IDR= Intelligent Data Recognition
  • Data captation
  • Digital archiving
  • Document management
  • Workflow
  • Security
  • Storage en back-up

Over the last 20 years ADM Solutions has grown to into an innovating knowledge management company with experienced consultants in the different vertical markets. These consultants always thinking along with the customer in order to achieve the most efficient and possible solution.

The goal of ADM Solutions is always to adapt our solutions on the specific needs of the customers and not the other way around! We try to implement our solutions into companies without the current workflow must be radically changed. For the different vertical markets we have developed specific modules. 

All our solutions are based on a framework that is called:‘Scan-2-knowledge’

Why ADM Solutions?

• Unique solution: free-form (IDR), NOT necessary to learn templates
• OCR & IDR: 90% recognition
• Developed for each vertical market
• Connection with any application: ERP, CRM, accounting software,...
• Strong document management skills
• Own compression technology
• NOT 'pay-per-invoice'
• Pro-active support and considerable experience
• Mobile application

A live-demo says a lot more than thousand words!
Please feel free to contact us for a live-demo based on your own invoices!


ADM Solutions will be present this year at Forum For The Future

Wall Of Fame